Mad Men

so i've been watching this new show on the ol' AMC called Mad Men. that stands for Madison Ave men from the 60s advertising days.

its... well really, i could be deep about it but. in all honesty its making me really want to wear red lipstick

what makes certain men think they have an entitlement to all things they desire and women that they should comply? . maybe you have an opinion on it?

but on to other things!

im knitting again. its going really well. i've got 18 things of yarn coming in the mail sometime this week for a winter apghan im going to be making.

we were at a yarn store *knit cafe* the other day and taylor was really diggin all the yarn but we didnt get any because i have 18 skeins coming. so i said, We Cannot! *in japanesesque accent* i proceded to remind him of how much yarn was on its way. he seemed pretty disapointed though. *he's a colour guy. he loved all the different colours. i think if i made him a room of colourful yarn and lights he'd be in nirvana*

oh and by the way

Nuit Blanche was on saturday. we went to it from 7pm to almost midnight. it was till 7 to 7.
i was very disapointed we had to cut it short because of ME. or rather my HIP

it died. i've been having issues with it. we had been out walking from about 2pm but by 11 i was practically crying in pain. *nothing sucks like public agony* it honestly felt broken. !!! i do not know why. the next day was even worse. i couldnt walk hardly at all and taylor had to half carry me so i could just pee.

Everything is fine now though ish. yesterday i was at wal-mart picking up things and it started to hurt again. not too bad though. i just do not know WHY.

...but back to nuit blanch. so disappointed i got to see pretty much nothing.
three things! THREE.
and they were not that impressive. oh and i participated in a survey from a nuit blanche program guy man. we was nice. called me his guinea pig. *hah hah*

so folks i dunno whats up with me. but im slowly falling apart.

sucks dunnit?

p.s. i do not fit in with this city. i want to be in the fjords or the hills of ireland. anything that is back to nature and how the earth should be. i feel like this place has nothing left to offer me. im not sure it ever did.