Happy Birthday

its taylors birthday today.

its been a super day so far i must say. and really i must.

at midnight i broke out the sparklers and made him close his eyes *kinda redundant in the dark* while i tried to light sparklers using half a thing of matches cuz couldnt find a flippin lighter *we dont smoke. it shows.*

but then oh wow. sparklers were aMAZEing i dont think he's ever really done the whole sparkler thing. we lit tons and probably almost killed ourselves with the toxic fumes, but really. fully worth it. after that i broke out the glowstick necklace which also fully rocked his world. it was blue and we spun them around and did our own 80s light show in the dark, while even though we didnt have technical smoke machines it was pretty smoky from all the sparklers.

after that we watched Flight of the Conchords. it is this HILARIOUS show about these two guys from newzealand who have this band *called flight of the conchords, duh* and are now living in new york and throughout the show they break out into these random but masterpiece parody type songs of different styles of music and its just some amazing tv people, really.

so even though it was the poor person birthday, it was probably one of the best ones ever.

his two nephews are over now *wolfgang and cougar*
**i KNOW**

and taylor is wolf *he's almost 12* how to play gearhead..it an role playing game
he's still deadset on trying to get him out of being so into the video games of today..
i gotta say a lot kids these days dont usually have the interest for things, when it comes to entertainment, of a slower pace anymore

when we were out at kensington market a couple weekends ago *was buying yarn for some more mittens to make, whatever. im cool*

we found this organic and herbalist store that is run by this old european lady (!!) and we got some stuff. one of those things we got was a solid beeswax candle and listen to this, "Unlike other candles that produce toxic fumes when burned, beeswax actually cleans the air when burned *amazing* The negative ions produced circulate in the room and attract pollutants. Dust, odours, mould, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins are captured and neutralized.

is that not super amazing?

hm, well it is to me.

** k k little cougar is telling me how they make lipstick..i was showing him the candle and that apparently reminded him about how people make lipstick

i wish i had pictures to show you all for today but, boys dont like having their picture taken..
even the 24 yr old grown up ones..