vlog update

heyo here is a vlog update and also response to Sarah's Latu Vlog

Clementine and Chrono Trigger

this is one of my two cats. she likes to watch me play games. in this instance, Chrono Trigger.


A story told in pictures..

Once upon a time, Taylor decided that it was high time he explain to me the finer points of Pen and Paper Gaming.

HA. hahahaha.

Here am I, on the couch and raptly, i might add, listening to him teach me the ways

this would be me waiting for him to give me the pen and paper.

this would be Taylor giving me a great and detailed explanation of the aforementioned pen and paper game combat system..

this would be Taylor rolling the dice. I liked the dice part.

this would be Taylor pondering something

a trazillion hours later, RE explaining to my thimble sized brain the combat system.

and me?

i am dead. dead dying dead.

the end.


i know, i didn't do the photo hunt theme. i was just busy doing stuff and wasn't inspired i suppose.

it is ice raining like a crazy mother tonight. and we were out in it. gah. nearly died. we went out to meet my dearest friend Jessie at the Eaton Centre.
which is, oh i dunno.
they have three, THREE food courts. at least. but i did get a caramel apple with dark chocolate chips stuck on it from this gourmet chocolate and treats and caramel apple place. i haven't eaten it yet though. i must get a photograph of it in the morning. when i have good light.
also, i think i have an ear infection. it is excruciatingly painful. but i don't have a fever or anything so maybe it isn't. I'm taking antiviral just to be safe. i cannot chew without nearly passing out from the pain.

to make up for no photo hunt i shall post some other shots I've taken over the past week or so. we went out five times over the past 8 days. which is very exciting for me! especially coming from the lady who can go a month before stepping outside.

i like the how branches look in the winter.

this would be our new find in our neighborhood! i am in love with it!

this is totally all of Taylor's pastries. totally, that danish. not mine. nope.
and that tea? sweetened with cane sugar! my other new, great love. the tea tastes amazing! those books are from our library, by the way.

i should of taken a zoomed out shot to give you guys. perspective but, this is a picture of a decorative cabbage outside our building. weird eh? they were around another big flowering plant. it was alternating white, and purple cabbages.

compromising on the water situation

Phiren says hello, he's not afraid of the camera anymore.