the post where i wish i was more like my sister.

see my sister. knows how to tell people to back the fuck off.

i do not. im all like, not wanting to hurt people's feelings and crap. which seriously. who cares about certain people's feeling when they are MAKING YOUR LIKE SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THEN IT NEEDS TO BE!

its a long and complicated and irritating story. but mainly. we are looking for our own place. and everyone is making it so much for difficult then it needs to be by getting in our face with their 'assvice'

so to make it all better i just go and look at the pictures of my good friends new baby! who is adorable and named lilly. :D that is a cute name.

so yay for new babies that make life all better.


i should also..

get some sort of music player thing. to add a song to a post. so that you can hear an interesting song i've found or whatever. cuz, i mean doods. i LISTEN TO AWESOME MUSIC.

mainly cuz, i grew up with a batrillion (IS SO A WORD) musicians. and i just am that awesome.

but, even though i do read. do not ask me about books. you wanna ask Chris Cactus. he has a shitload of cds and books. books that he hasnt even read yet. he's that cool.

im not linking him though cuz i dunno if im allowed. plus, i only talk to him about scooby doo popsicles. not books.

but he is the authority on books. and music.

i've lately kinda been on a prog rock kick. which would make me 'dah' tear.

speaking of which. i totally have him wearing black eyeliner now :P

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ow ow ow ow..OW

so. by now i guess you're assuming that i hurt myself.

which, would be a correct assumption.
*side note* have you ever heard that phrase. don't assume, cuz all that does is make an ass of you and me. ?

moving on

remember back when i threw out my lower back a few months ago? well i did it AGAIN. not nearly as bad though, but still very painful. and doing something very stupid.
though, last time was not as stupid. since it was while i was trying to get a good shot. so i guess i could pass it off as suffering for my art. or some such b.s.
but this time?

ha. making our BED.

our TINY TINY twin size bed.

which, i dont get either. whats twin about it? anyways. its like practically a fricken kids bed. in fact. i think it IS ONE.

god, i'll be so glad when we get our own place and have my glorious, awesome pillowtop bed back.

moving on though

so . the bed needed to be fixed. cuz i was being all ocd and pmsy and THE BED IS NOT MADE RIGHT! AHH! and much bleeing of ears and eyes. so. i fixed it. and now. i cant LAY IN IT.

i will somehow turn this around and make it all taylors fault. or the cats. or something.

i say the word so, alot. i've realized.
and, i havent slept in a long time cuz of the whole pain in my back from being a crazy woman.
and!! the amazing painkillers that even have codein in them arent working (over here in canadia. we can buy over the counter pain killers with CODEIN in them) perhaps if i crushed them up and snorted them??

speaking of which. anyone here about the new thing with snorting VODKA?!


well, apparently. pete doherty and amy winehouse are into it. (insert sad sigh)

so, rounding this all up. im in pain, ow. ow ow ow. but i'll live. and am in a fairly opptimistic (?) (so i dont spell that word often) mood.

ok, now i say bye. and happy memorial day to all ya'll americans.

oh and like, don't like, forget. the lohans reality show premiers tonight! !!!!!! !

and! the second indiana jones movie. (temple of doom) TOTALLY SUCKS! i wanted to do violent things to the chick in that movie.