This is my friends kid, Nathan, who is a pretty cool beans 7 month old. WITH RED HAIR. I would pay money for a red headed kid. Excuse the crazy face. Its pretty much impossible to look normal around a baby. Who was teething but still delightful :D Also my forehead is looking pretty large and in charge there. He was extraordinarily puzzled by the whole webcam looking at himself thing.

Last thing,
Saturday morning tv is literally TERRIBLE, worse than when it was Super Mighty Power Rangers everything. There is a new TMNT where I swear one crap assy voice over guy does all the voices and someone actually said "What the SHELL" ?!?!?!?!

Last thing for realz now.
You all know Puss In Boots from Shrek right?
WELL. That name is a MOVIE from the 80s with...(wait for it)
Who plays a cat that turns into a human when he puts on MAGICAL BOOTS. I am not making this up !!!