i just got a package from my sister in the MAIL and OMG in it was.....three things. the first being a little wooley sheep tape measurer, the second Blue Moon- Socks that Rock in Metamorphic colour and...

can you guess the third my knitter peeps??




are you jealous?

its this gorgeous colour. Granatapfel. its a red, like Pomegranates.

im so kicking my own ass for leaving my camera in windsor dudes.

so ya.

thats it, just wanted to let ya'll know i have even more awesome awesome yarn. *sigh*

now i gotta find rockin sock patterns for this stuff.


yeah Baby


i've been crocheting. and im not bad.


and i now have a STASH! i mean, dude, i've got yarn that i don't even know what to do with. and i didnt spend more than 20 bucks all together.

so now. i've got all the crochet hooks i need. the yarn i want. and no clue what to make.


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bye bye snow

here comes the rain people
snows gone, but the rain is here to stay for a few days now..
even keel. thats all i ask for.
one day of no wind, no rain. no SNOW. just, even keel.

here's my last shot of me and snow for this season.

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im gonna let you all in on a little secret as too why relationships sometimes don't work/last for the long haul

A. when person isn't that interested in you to begin with, so why would said person try to keep something, that doesnt really exist in their mind, keep on going when LOOK!! that GIRL!! wOw O.O (or guy, im not sexist)

B. or people in the relationship have flaws (WHAT?! FLAWS?! NOT ME!!) and won't admit to it. or, won't try to work on growing, and becoming a better person and couple together.

C. OR are just emotionally incapable of being an equation instead of just a solitary number so far in their life journey (that is me being nice and non judgemental of stupid dick head people who are JIRKS >.< )(or else people who really are lovely, but have to work on just being, and being healthy before sharing their life with someone else)

which brings me to..

i'm not a particularly "romantic" person. in which i mean. Relationships take hard work. people who go from person to person thinking, "well, they weren't the one. we just kept fighting and fighting and it stopped being fun" FRUSTRATE me. ya, ok. maybe they weren't the "one" or maybe you need to realize that things don't stay warm and fuzzy like you're childhood stuffed animals for forever. it comes in waves. you have to store up your love and memories together so that when things get hard and shitty and raw, you have a reservoir to draw from. that is the key that i have learned in my life so far.
the other?
i'm just so appreciative i'm with someone that admits their faults and then works on fixing it.
it is really hard sometimes folks, and i feel more than just a little hypocritical at times. but, love is a strong and powerful thing. it's also faceted, and layered (and im totally not gonna bring in the onion thing)

why i'm talking about this? i have no idea.
to anyone who reads this and thinks. this was for me. great! if not, and you all think im a crazylady (i get told that about ten times a day) let me know too i suppose.

anyways, night all!
make some time to do something special this week. for instance. turn out the light and light some sparklers and dance around to some fun tunes. make some MEMORIES folks!!


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