so i just found out that today is in fact, not Friday

thanks chris..


So a dyslexic guy walks into a bra..

didja hear? i bleached and cut my hair.

i know, crazy cristy does it again with all that ..crazy

but pictures!

these were taken by the web cam so i always look odd.
the first two would be my attempts to look normal and "hey! im being completely unassuming here and reading stuffs!"

the last is me totally giving in to the weird uncomfortable-ness that is taking a web cam picture of oneself.
so now when you picture me in your heads it is an up-to-date one. :D

this is me being all "hmmmm, interesting things.."

i thought it was only fare for you to see how my mouth is usually positioned while i am reading juicy information

i blinked a lot after this one.

now. i would also like you all to know that one of the best things of having a boy around. (like fricken 24/7) is you can wear his shirts! and he can be all "hey stop stretching out my shirts with your boobs!" and then i can be all like "heh, i bet your shirts wouldn't have thought five years ago that my boobs would be wearing them! and they should be greatful!!"

the end.


pictures from Nuit Blanche..not that many, actually

not many at all.. its hard to take pics at night. yanno?


this was in zone c. which is where we live. this is behind us in the Warehouse District.

this exhibit was basically smashing stuff.


a poem spray painted on a lawn sign

this was definitely one of my fav exhibits. the music that was play was didgeridoo music. sweet!

a close up

king street

this was taken in a tent fashion show. those are the models dancing. i talked to the designer, her stuff was awesome.

this shot isn't that great but it looked awesome in person. it was a light show on the wall of water effects.

shot taken in a gallery by our library. this was a video loop that a person recorded doing everyday boring stuff. like taking the subway.

this exhibit was called Entropy

we were so flipping tired on the streetcar, and no, that isn't Bjork in the back round..i have been asked about that a few times.
the cats are getting fixed next week. can i tell you all how FREAKING EXPENSIVE THIS IS! jeezez.
anyways. they got their shots today and are gettin the snip next monday. well, phiren is getting snipped, clementine is getting a hysterectomy. and hello there guilt. i feel awful about her having to get cut open man. phiren? m'eh. he'll get over it.

i loves you brother