What i've been spending my time THROWING DOWN

so the heat is kicking my ass.
but! today i found me mums camera cord so i was all like WOOO i can upload pictures!

fun and productive.
so after i uploaded some pics and totally failed with photoshop.
i was all like, dude its not so hot, i should work more on our kitchen table.

k back story.
we're taking some furniture from my grandpa's house. a muthereffin heavy couch and the kitchen table. its a cool table, like a big slab of wood and two benches. the bad. it was, was stained and varnished a dark, old, oak colour. just very old and worn looking. so i was all like. dude, i can totally sand that crap off.
first i tried this super mega toxic stuff to take off the varnish. then spent five hours during the heat of the day on the hottest day of the year SANDING the legs. and the top of the table.
so all you people who've re-finished furniture. laugh away.

anyways. i got over my natural light wood table idea and was all. screw this. i shall paint you and it will be GOOD. i was all biblical n stuff.

so moving on. painting! amazing. my best friend. so easy!

i got all the legs and the table primed and the top painted. in one afternoon.
then, CRAZY thunder storms. all. fricken. week. long.
which really sucked and totally messed up my groove. then i had weird almost migraine, but not quite for 4 days. totally kicked my ass.

but anyways, wrapping this up. today i sanded (just to ruff up the varnish) and primed the benches. now all i got to do is paint all the legs white and the tops of the benches the same colour as the table top.

kitchen table throwdown 08'

clicky there and you can see the pics i took working on it today.

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just call me macgyver

so today, i was so determined to finish off taylor's sock that i made a tapestry needle to graft the toe together with a twist tie.


here are the pics of his first sock from the Knitty Thuja sock pattern.
i really love how simple it is and it looks really cool inside out because of the Seed stitch.

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