Hoping Your weekend was peaceful

and full of good kisses

and fun


*deep breaths*

So, here it is, in all its officiality.

What I have been up to, or rather, creating.

It's going to be a long wait until February.

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This is my friends kid, Nathan, who is a pretty cool beans 7 month old. WITH RED HAIR. I would pay money for a red headed kid. Excuse the crazy face. Its pretty much impossible to look normal around a baby. Who was teething but still delightful :D Also my forehead is looking pretty large and in charge there. He was extraordinarily puzzled by the whole webcam looking at himself thing.

Last thing,
Saturday morning tv is literally TERRIBLE, worse than when it was Super Mighty Power Rangers everything. There is a new TMNT where I swear one crap assy voice over guy does all the voices and someone actually said "What the SHELL" ?!?!?!?!

Last thing for realz now.
You all know Puss In Boots from Shrek right?
WELL. That name is a MOVIE from the 80s with...(wait for it)
Who plays a cat that turns into a human when he puts on MAGICAL BOOTS. I am not making this up !!!



Four days in a row of working out!
I had to dig really deep today though. I woke up feeling very weak and sick in my head. I don't know how to explain it but just sick feeling pressure, in my head. But I did do it. I really didn't want to skip this day, because I'm afraid of it snowballing.
But! Anyways. I did it. SO! Now i really wish I had some good dark chocolate, but I do not :(

I'll have to settle for some thumbs up ^.^
(albeit deformed looking thumbs up)



BONED, originally uploaded by CristyMuranda.

Day three of my workout regime and I am BONED people. NO MORE. gah >.<


I've been gone for forever it seems and this whole writing on the internet has never felt so awkward. I have to admit the past three months have been hell and a complete regression, and I am now back to square one. Because I couldn't afford to do a test that checked my hormone levels, I had to go off the Progesterone. This has been since February. It has been worse than bad. Long story short. I am back on the Progesterone again. Started last night. I've started physio to strengthen my muscles again, and now that I'm feeling stronger I've just started doing some workouts at home. (Slim in 6 yo) Which I really like. It kicks my ass, and reminds me I am indeed in the worst shape I've ever been in. But I'm done being sad about it, and just doing it. I don't want another year of being sick and bed ridden. I'm terrified I would never make it back from that. So I can honestly say, I am being extremely proactive and actually working hard at this. I'm trying to let go of the guilt of what I've put Taylor through.
He's just glad I'm working on getting better, and wants to move forward, and I am following him.

Love and Light
I appreciate you all ^.^
x o



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Big Balls

OK. last night? was insane to the top degree! LIKE. OH MY GOSH GUYS.

ONE? I am soooo glad i made my dad come, it. was. hilariuos.
First, he wore eyeliner. Second, his Christian Fish dangly silver earrings. THIRD? He sang Big Balls by ACDC.
KARAOKE! He'd never sung Karaoke before. lol

The dudes there were pissing themselves and singing along. It was like, I dunno man.

OK, SECOND, but the best. My friend won first place! So she goes to the semi finals and won a voucher for a wedding dress of her choice! They were awesome!! her sister and our friend were her back up singers, and they sang Dancing In The Streets and Beat It. And our friend that sang with her, during Beat It, jumped on a chair while singing and dancing.
Holy Lord it was beyond hilarious. ahhhh. It was an awesome night. :D