it's earth hour today. DONT FORGET.

hello hello

so, not really anything going on. hence no real posting for the past few days. my left hip and knee have been really painful the last couple days so that's really put a kink in the fun plans for the weekend.

therefore, instead of cool fun adventures, its a video game marathon weekend. i've finished all my knitting projects. refreshed myself with all things crochet, but, since i've no yarn to actually start anything im just stuck here. and yes, i do have those new three books i bought. for some reason though, i just really don't want to start any of them yet.


so yep nothing cool goin on here. except the mr. ordered chinese for dinner :D

i hope you all have a much more adventurous go at life this weekend than me


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that is all

i fell and bashed my knee *the one i fell and bashed last week* on the ice today.

it hurt like a mother.

thank you for asking.

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oohh mother nature, how you mock me..*bitch*

yaaaaa so yesterday i was all like. wow its so gorgeous out, its like SPRING

"hah! HAH!" said the sky.
and then it spit in my face.

we had to go out today, "get our banking stuff taken care of" taylor says.

"fine, i say. "but it doesn't look too nice out."

"i checked the weather network. it'll be fine" says taylor.


you know in cartoons there'll be the guy with the rain cloud over his head. well that was us but BIG FREAKING SNOW FLAKES! 2 to 6 INCHES they are now saying. oh thank you. now that im BACK INSIDE we are warned.

and what did i, the brilliant cristy wear in this wonderful weather? my rainbow poncho. ya. im goin places people.

AND omg i have pictures that i took on my bloody phone. and of course they keep "failing to send" to stupid Rogers MyPix online album ! GRRRRR

but and a wonderful surprise of glee and giggling

my awesome sister signed me up for The Plucky Knitters Plucky Classic Knitalong sock club. AND GUESS WHAT THE THEME IS?! JANE AUSTEN!


WOOOO. my face is gonna 'splode

that is all friends,
that. is. all.

*before something crappy happens again.

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Snippets take Two

"Jebediah was a Woman..!"

"um, no. its, Jeremiah was a Bullfrog..!"

"that doesnt make sense."


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"you arent going to sit with me?"
"afraid not my love"
"but why??"
"there wasn't room at the time"
"you don't love me.."
"i totally love you, be quiet"

*he then proceeds to indeed come over and sit with me and we watch the news in bed eating our dinner*

{this life is good moment brought to you by.. ME the cristy :D}

thee end.

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i just got added to a BLOGROLL!!!

by this awesomely cooool person. http://www.gooseberried.com/starboard/2008/03/all-about-good.html

i considered using CUEL. but i figured that'd just make ME sound like a loser.

oh for some reason adding linked links..things don't work for me here on blogger. they don't show up so i have to do the good ole' copy, paste thing.

and yes. i did get married. and it is pretty grande. the week of being married as in two weeks ago nearly was HELL. as in . oh.dear.god. when will the TORMENT ENDDDDD

but that was mainly the extreme stress of being an hour late to our own fricken wedding ceremony since stupid cristy decided to have a meltdown before going, then on subway realize. OH i forgot all the paperwork and MONEY for the efficieary lady *named catherine cook, and oh.dear.god. did i want to call her captain hook* so tays dad had to jump off and go back for it OH AND! the subway wants to strike since they only make nearly 27 bucks an hour so they have been, to show their protest, going veeeeery slow and stopping way longer than normal at stops. *shakes angry fist at sky*
Damn the NDP! DAMN THEM!!

so we made it. the building the subway stopped at.. BTW, was the WRONG ONE. apparently everyone but us in the whole wonderful bubble that is toronto knows this. so long story short. sweating to death we make it to the right building..only to wait for another 20 minutes for tays dad to get there with the paperwork..and money.

godalmighty, i owe him one.

so moving one. the next day we take the train to windsor and the whole week ensues in stressful "oh!, we have to plan and do the favours for this simple party that is now like a wedding reception thing? and there's now going to be a wedding cake we have to decide how we want it decorated, on the spot?? oh realy!!?" ugh, im not even going there. it ended well. and that is all that matters. the rest is blacked from my memory (c.i.a. style) from here to eternity.

but back to this blogroll thing..

OMG! i feel so much pressure to actually think before i type now. and i have to go out and take more pictures. which reminds me. where the hell IS my camera?!
*goes and frantically searches for said camera*
ohhh ho ho goody folks. i left it in windsor..

so now i wont be able to get it till the end of april. wonderful.

but i really must say, the weather since we've been back is AWESOME. its like SPRING but not wet and still has a nice coolish breeze.
man, if i could live in a climate that never goes much above 60 i'd be in heaven. plus no pollution. that would be like gigglig delirium for me.

but again. pulling it back into the blogroll thing that sweet awesome Gooseberried a.k.a. Michelle put me on.

laaahhh, do i feel special. and so, so, guilty that i now don't even have my camera..but..i DO have a camera PHONE. so perhaps i shall enlist it into my service.


and so, i leave you with a *crappy* picture of my sweet sweet red [moon]boots, that i am in mourning for, since i shall not be wearing them for some time. unless a blizzard hits us between now and next week. (itcouldhappenthisIScanada)

but now, let us all say a weepy goodbye to the red boots.
"i shall miss the toasty warmth you gave to my feet on our walks. sometimes to the point that i'd almost have to take you doods off because of OH MY GOD! my feet wont stop SWEATING! and being reminded by my dearest, that "you cant take of your boots, this is TORONTO is DIRTY HERE!" to which i would reply, shaking my fist at anyone who would here me, "Damn you crack whores!"

the end.

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