So here I am

I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be. But then again, what defines someone as a writer. Good grammar, proper placement and sentence structure?
A degree perhaps.

I am not sure.

Some things I do know

I have always written since I was a child
I have stopped for some time now, and make no promises to continue.

This is my kick to try and restart things.

I’m starting a new life now..
to hear, or rather, to see those words. It is a scary thought.

Most people do not embrace change.
For most of my life. Change has not embraced me..
It has been violently pushed upon me.
But now. I am making change.

I am in a new city, am young and about to be married.

Another scary thing
Most people go their whole lives looking for it. Many to avoid it

And so, here I am, starting this blog and hoping no one sees it.
But if I really thought that I wouldn’t put it online..

So here is to me, to the no one reading this, and to the thought of being judged by someone I do not even know.

Maybe this is therapy