it was my birthday yesterday.
i am now 20


numbers have never meant much to me. they dont seem to define me very well. i've never had a comment like. oh you're so 17.

most people dont even remember how old i really am.

but anyways. moving on.

i havent been feeling too hot this week so we still havent done anything for it. we were planning to go to the Eaton centre today but didnt.
perhaps we will tomorrow.


Tea and Me

tea is my friend. we are *i like to think* compartriots.

taylor has just made me blackcurrent tea. i dont usually like berry tea but this is wondrous stuff.

tea is in that cup. it is some sexy stuff

while i am aware this has nothing to do with nothing.
this would be my dearest in his I HAVE ACHIEVED GREATNESS pose. and if he knew how much i love this tea *see where i am going with this* he would 'most' likely strike this pose.

and i just could not let you all miss out on his greatness.