a Hee and perhaps a little squeel of girly delight

taylor, just made me breakfast!

cuz i was starving,
(SO hungry)
but didnt feel like getting up from the coziness of my bed and gigantic duvee to brave the cold that is in my heart. or the floor of the apartment (whatever)

so he was like. i can handle that.
and he just very well did
(yummy yummy food)
and just now brought me juice. albeit, a bit too watered down but hey! breakfast in bed and snow outside.
(he just came back with more juice to remedy the problem, the perfect person he is)

and so once again, to understand the mood of the morning. here is his "PROUD MAN" ** pose or perhaps "I GET A GOLD STAR!" pose. either or.

*to be LOUDLY SPOKEN with superhero announcer man voice for effect

i love my cocoon :)

oh! i have to tell about yesterday!

yesterday he bought me a beatiful edition of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tails with a gorgeous painted cover with some of the most amazing palette of colours i've seen. from this awesome tiny book shop down the street from us and it was the last copy they had. we spent forever looking in their children books section. it was so AWESOME! the stuff they had for them and all these amazing pop up adventure books! these big huge things with secret flaps and all these amazing things that i cant even begin to describe. and then the beatrix potter books..i love kids books

before that we had went to this little chinese restraunt and hung out there for almost two hours eatin and chillin out and drinking jasmin tea.
(they have, byFAR the BEST chinese food we've ever had)
and that was a great day yesterday!

the end.

here is a picture of our cat** that i leave with you cuz he's cute, and doesnt chew my arm (hee) or anywhere else (double hee)

**okay so he's not our cat, be he loves us way more than anyone else here so BLAH

Bonus Picture!

me with my crazy hair early this morning.
(webcam pictures make me pose awkwardly)

i mean, how can one not LOVE a crazy hair person picture??


Happy Birthday

its taylors birthday today.

its been a super day so far i must say. and really i must.

at midnight i broke out the sparklers and made him close his eyes *kinda redundant in the dark* while i tried to light sparklers using half a thing of matches cuz couldnt find a flippin lighter *we dont smoke. it shows.*

but then oh wow. sparklers were aMAZEing i dont think he's ever really done the whole sparkler thing. we lit tons and probably almost killed ourselves with the toxic fumes, but really. fully worth it. after that i broke out the glowstick necklace which also fully rocked his world. it was blue and we spun them around and did our own 80s light show in the dark, while even though we didnt have technical smoke machines it was pretty smoky from all the sparklers.

after that we watched Flight of the Conchords. it is this HILARIOUS show about these two guys from newzealand who have this band *called flight of the conchords, duh* and are now living in new york and throughout the show they break out into these random but masterpiece parody type songs of different styles of music and its just some amazing tv people, really.

so even though it was the poor person birthday, it was probably one of the best ones ever.

his two nephews are over now *wolfgang and cougar*
**i KNOW**

and taylor is wolf *he's almost 12* how to play gearhead..it an role playing game
he's still deadset on trying to get him out of being so into the video games of today..
i gotta say a lot kids these days dont usually have the interest for things, when it comes to entertainment, of a slower pace anymore

when we were out at kensington market a couple weekends ago *was buying yarn for some more mittens to make, whatever. im cool*

we found this organic and herbalist store that is run by this old european lady (!!) and we got some stuff. one of those things we got was a solid beeswax candle and listen to this, "Unlike other candles that produce toxic fumes when burned, beeswax actually cleans the air when burned *amazing* The negative ions produced circulate in the room and attract pollutants. Dust, odours, mould, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins are captured and neutralized.

is that not super amazing?

hm, well it is to me.

** k k little cougar is telling me how they make lipstick..i was showing him the candle and that apparently reminded him about how people make lipstick

i wish i had pictures to show you all for today but, boys dont like having their picture taken..
even the 24 yr old grown up ones..


to DAY

im going out and im GOING to be taking pictures.

the end



it SNOWED today!

The First Snow of the season

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that frickn commercial nearly made me kick in the tv

dont know what im talking about
google it

their slogan

"Lets you define yourself on your OWN terms"

ya. they should give out free bratz dolls with their consulatations


you know you're depressed when..

you're watching comedy central and a blerb of stephen colbert saying "you're all exceptional" makes you feel a little better


november 1

aside from a sore throat this week is bein pretty flippin nice to me.

i credit the olives


a thing i must mention


mens gel deodorant is really really REALLY absolutely VILE stuff

i mean really

i couldnt find my stuff *rock crystal stuff that has no smell and isnt vile at all except that its wet and cold if your not an experienced veteren such as i*
so dear lovely taylor was like well use mine. or none. i dont care if you smell
as nice a thought as that was. i was like. heh i'll use The Boys

and ohmygod it was awful. so so awful. like you close your armpit and its all GUSHY and oh god do not raise your arm back up because then you get the most attractive suctioning noise that is just *gags*

since when does "gel" mean swampy frog GLOOP?!?!?

so then of course taylors like omg not THAT STUFF that stuff is junk why would you think i meant that one? cuz the dude apparently has like five other deodorants. he's not even sure if that one was his it might be his brothers!

i am traumatized for life
for. life.

so ya. aside from that one mishap. all good on this front.

*knocking fearcly on some sort of material that is woodlike in posterior or somesuch*

tomorrow..er later today rather
we are gonna go OUTSIDE
fresh air folks!
i shall bring the cam-er-a and take pictures of fall and its goodness

it will be grande :D

*thats right i put an e on the end darnit. cuz im FANCY*


sometimes ones day can be not so crappy. today was one of those days

today was a wonderful day. as in the entire day, from start to finish!

for both myself and taylor!!!

i mean. someone should fricken throw confetti or somethin.

i gotta say the highlight of the day was going to the big grocery store. * we usually always go to the crappy cheap one where stuff is super 'cheap'*

well today taylor and i decided that like 'dude, we are saving a lot of money every month. i think we deserve to go to the big grocery store and buy food that we love even though its not "cheap"

it was so awesome! we were like two little kids in a toy store. i got to get my favorite olives. and HUMMUS ! and i bought the stuff to make borsht for us all tomorrow. *taylor is even going to help me :D* what i gotta get next is a food processor so i can make my own hummus and stuff like that

i even got to get DELI MEAT and CHEESE. woooo havarti. you'd think we'd been in a famine.

we are so lame.

i will not lie. i made the best sandwich taylor has ever eaten in his life tonight.

i am a wonderful person. hands down.

we were also very excited to have an organic foods section. taylor got some awesome teas. one was chocolate and spices tea and he even got to get soy milk to put in it. he was hopping around.

he would make an awesome 4 year old

today was great.
no arguments. no stress.
full of fun and giggles.
we really needed today.

oh and it was sooo beautiful out today, autumn is really making toronto beautiful.

sometimes i forget how great taylor really is.
its too easy to get caught up in day to day annoyences and stupid crap. that isnt important at all.

its great to be with someone who fully appreciates the stupid little things, like having an awesome time buying groceries. and looking at trees and houses on a beautiful night. and not making fun of me tonight when i think i almost squealed *well, as much as i, the serious intellectual one can possibly squeal at anything* at seeing Sense and Sensibilty for SALE at the grocery store. we bought it. :D

im very lucky :)


a very 'deep' conversation

so here i am talking to an old friend i've known since i was...3
we went to school together and everything..*lotsa great school stories like when he pulled his pants down in kindergarten just to piss of him mum, who was the teacher..his dad was the principal*

**have gotten rid of his msn thing to protect said friends privacy*

1:57:45 AM CriRi: oh btw i was in windsor last week
1:59:04 AM : were you
1:59:10 AM CriRi: yes
1:59:16 AM CriRi: i had an eye doctors appointment
1:59:36 AM : o ya
1:59:41 AM CriRi: mhm
1:59:50 AM : so u drove all the fucking way to windsor for an eye doctors appoinatment
2:00:00 AM CriRi: no i took a train
2:00:04 AM CriRi: and my parents paid
2:00:08 AM CriRi: and it was boring as hell
2:00:13 AM CriRi: but less painful

anyways no one else will care. but his laugh is so fricken hilarious that when he typed that i burst out laughing cuz i heard it in my head so clearly. it was awesomely funny to ME

the end.


God help us..

THIS is a little girl

no i dont know why she's holding a letter A...


when I was a little girl i had dolls like this

and this

thats one creepy doll

but now days
little girls
i mean LITTLE, like three and up play with dolls like this

what does one say to that except

"Over my cold, dead body would my daughter have one of those goddamn things."

and we used to think Barbie was evil..


take that lip plumpers!!

i just ate lots of hot peppers. *cuz i looooove zhem things*

and my lips are all red and plumpy from the spices. and i already gots me some full lips so they're lookin a bit stung.
i cant get over the money chicks spend on lips gloss and stuff to plump their lips.

just eat hot peppers yo!

p.s. its hard eating icecream with a fork.


does it count if its fake wood thats actually some kind of mulched cardboard?

i've really got to start knocking on wood.

i am still sick

as in DEATH

i want to be knitting
or at least taking pictures of my knitting
or outside for pete's sake

i have been stuck in bed sick for nearly four days

like almost a handful!!


Etsy rocks. it really really does!

ETSY is a wondrous site.


you should check it out if you havent heard of it.

this here is a tote bag i ordered to hold my knitting stuff. its superly cool. from this superly cool shop called Tsai-Fai

these next two things are from a shop called Cotton and Cloud in England

the first is a knitting case to hold all my neeldes and stuff of that sort and the second is a super sweet makeup bag :D

Sweet Bag!

back from windSOR and Ravelry!!

envited (yes INVITED) me to join!!
cuz they are in beta still and so you have to join a waiting list.

well the waiting is over for this little lady!

im excited to say the least. *laaaah*
forces me to take pictures of my knitting stuff.

so moving on to things of more seriousness

i am back
it was...okay

it didnt go that bad.
seriously though dudes.
EVERY SINGLE HOUR of my four days there was completely scheduled. i felt bad for when i did actually get to see my friends i was so exhausted. that was a bit bummer.

so its good to be back. though all yesterday i was insanely ill. like PAIN in stomach and all the works.
thank GOD for the antiviral drops from my herbalist. because of those babies im better today.

it was so horrible.

On a lighter note.
ghostbuster music video is on.




it was my birthday yesterday.
i am now 20


numbers have never meant much to me. they dont seem to define me very well. i've never had a comment like. oh you're so 17.

most people dont even remember how old i really am.

but anyways. moving on.

i havent been feeling too hot this week so we still havent done anything for it. we were planning to go to the Eaton centre today but didnt.
perhaps we will tomorrow.


Tea and Me

tea is my friend. we are *i like to think* compartriots.

taylor has just made me blackcurrent tea. i dont usually like berry tea but this is wondrous stuff.

tea is in that cup. it is some sexy stuff

while i am aware this has nothing to do with nothing.
this would be my dearest in his I HAVE ACHIEVED GREATNESS pose. and if he knew how much i love this tea *see where i am going with this* he would 'most' likely strike this pose.

and i just could not let you all miss out on his greatness.



Mad Men

so i've been watching this new show on the ol' AMC called Mad Men. that stands for Madison Ave men from the 60s advertising days.

its... well really, i could be deep about it but. in all honesty its making me really want to wear red lipstick

what makes certain men think they have an entitlement to all things they desire and women that they should comply? . maybe you have an opinion on it?

but on to other things!

im knitting again. its going really well. i've got 18 things of yarn coming in the mail sometime this week for a winter apghan im going to be making.

we were at a yarn store *knit cafe* the other day and taylor was really diggin all the yarn but we didnt get any because i have 18 skeins coming. so i said, We Cannot! *in japanesesque accent* i proceded to remind him of how much yarn was on its way. he seemed pretty disapointed though. *he's a colour guy. he loved all the different colours. i think if i made him a room of colourful yarn and lights he'd be in nirvana*

oh and by the way

Nuit Blanche was on saturday. we went to it from 7pm to almost midnight. it was till 7 to 7.
i was very disapointed we had to cut it short because of ME. or rather my HIP

it died. i've been having issues with it. we had been out walking from about 2pm but by 11 i was practically crying in pain. *nothing sucks like public agony* it honestly felt broken. !!! i do not know why. the next day was even worse. i couldnt walk hardly at all and taylor had to half carry me so i could just pee.

Everything is fine now though ish. yesterday i was at wal-mart picking up things and it started to hurt again. not too bad though. i just do not know WHY.

...but back to nuit blanch. so disappointed i got to see pretty much nothing.
three things! THREE.
and they were not that impressive. oh and i participated in a survey from a nuit blanche program guy man. we was nice. called me his guinea pig. *hah hah*

so folks i dunno whats up with me. but im slowly falling apart.

sucks dunnit?

p.s. i do not fit in with this city. i want to be in the fjords or the hills of ireland. anything that is back to nature and how the earth should be. i feel like this place has nothing left to offer me. im not sure it ever did.


So here I am

I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be. But then again, what defines someone as a writer. Good grammar, proper placement and sentence structure?
A degree perhaps.

I am not sure.

Some things I do know

I have always written since I was a child
I have stopped for some time now, and make no promises to continue.

This is my kick to try and restart things.

I’m starting a new life now..
to hear, or rather, to see those words. It is a scary thought.

Most people do not embrace change.
For most of my life. Change has not embraced me..
It has been violently pushed upon me.
But now. I am making change.

I am in a new city, am young and about to be married.

Another scary thing
Most people go their whole lives looking for it. Many to avoid it

And so, here I am, starting this blog and hoping no one sees it.
But if I really thought that I wouldn’t put it online..

So here is to me, to the no one reading this, and to the thought of being judged by someone I do not even know.

Maybe this is therapy