soon soon

pictures are coming.

of what? i dont remember.
but theres stuff on my camera that when i take off i'll post

so sleeeeeepy


You ask i Answer

Q: Hi Cristy - welcome to Askablogr! The one thing I couldn't figure out from your recent posts was how you hurt your back, but I'm also curious how you wound up in Toronto and where you moved from.
Posted by Chris DeVore

A: hahaha well, good questions mate.

ok first, the back. which i was hoping to gracefully not mention.

..good job ruining that aspiration.

well see..i was taking these pictures.

using the self timer, on the floor..

anyways, i was having such a hard time getting the right shot so i probably bent over about a million times and eventually pulled the muscle. never done that before. me boff keeps reminding me how stupid that was. which it was. but learned my lesson. in the future make someone else take the flippen pictures.

and toronto is an easy one. i've lived all over but mainly in windsor. its about 4 hours south of here and really gross and polluted up the wazoo and! right across from detroit. plus a stupid casino/clubbing town..

quite a few reasons to hate it really. it was horrible for my health. so being the crazy nomad i am, i pushed off to come here to cohabitate with my boff and its been working out pretty a-ok. especially since i pretty much hate the city life. lol. its got its points.

alrighty dude. i hope that answered your questions thoroughly enough


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just a note

you haven't really fully experienced Joni MItchell unless you've listened to her albums on old school vinyl

she really comes alive on vinyl

..not that she isn't alive, cuz she is. alive

somewherez here in canada

moving on

i love listening to music on a record player but alas, it is not here with me. no, it is at my parents place. *sad face*

life sucks then ya die

p.s. i scarily have george michael and all his WHAM!ness stuck in my head..
see abovementioned sentence again

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to a T

"When I'm not doing something that comes deeply from me, I get bored. When I get bored I get distracted, and when I get distracted, I become depressed. It's a natural resistance, and it insures your integrity."

- Maria Irene Fornes

that up there is definitly accurate to myself.

i've always had a hard time with About Me's. for me to just start off saying things about myself is a huge challenge. when i think,
"hmm, what to say about myself?" it's just a big blank.
Now, ask me a question and i'll be quick to answer it. im good with questions. a question sets me in a direct chain of thought

the thing that drew me to the world of 'blogs' was all these different people telling about their lives. which, is just so Awesome to me. people fascinate me to no end. humanity is so massive and complex. i'm definitly a grey area girl. you cannot define a person by this or that. everything is complicated and intricate right down to the core.


i wish i did a better job of telling about my own life. i've been in such a transitionary stage these past months that i'm not exactly sure what is my life at the moment. aside that its great 98% of the time, and usually pretty dern exciting. unless we're snowed in.. (im getting pretty good at WWII first person shooters)

things are so different now than they were 12 months ago. i love being here and being able to just jump on the subway and streetcars to get from place to place on our own. not having to depend on other people to give you a ride is so great. we can just get up and go. poof!
less now since its been so cold here, unbelievably so. i mean to walk a few miles in the wind is just, a really stupid idea.

but spring is around the corner! and my potted daffodils are really blooming great. i've got two flowers and four others starting to open.

my goal this spring is to have a bit of an inside garden going. grow my own garlic, aloe, some other herbs and salad things. i've got a fairly big window space and while it is a basement apartment we arent really underground so my window is huge and lights up the whole room during the day.
i really thrive on natural light. i cant stand lighting in places like wal-mart. after a while i feel ill if i'm there for too long. its just so ugly to my eyes.

and now it's obscenely late it, sucks getting your days messed up.

i've been knitting lots of things which tomorrow if my back is able i shall attempt to photgragh and post on possibly here but definitly my flickr. i've been toying with the idea of attempting so sell things i knit or some photography. i'm not sure yet. if anyones interest let me know..

goodnight !

oh and if anyone who ever graces this page of mine, and thinks of some interesting thing to ask me. ask! i'd love to tell you most likely.
(and of course withing the area's of appropriateness)

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Project Implicit


You have completed the study.

Thank you for your participation.

In this study, We are investigating the relation between racial attitudes and judgment of facial expressions of white and black faces.

First, in the Race detection task you rated faces as Caucasian or African American. These faces had ambiguous race features and some had positive expressions and others had negative expressions. Presenting them very briefly might make it harder to really consider them, so implicit associations about the expressions might influence what race we see. The second and third tasks, described below, measured implicit associations. Our key question is whether people with more negative associations with Black faces will be more likely to see an ambiguous angry face as Black."

Here are your judgments after each facial expression:

Of the ambiguous happy faces, 28 were seen as 'African American'.
Of the ambiguous angry faces, 28 were seen as 'African American'.

After the faces task, we measured your implicit preferences with regard to black and white people using two different tasks. Your results on the Implicit Association Test (IAT) is reported immediately below:

Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between White People and Black People.

Your score was described as 'preference for Black People over White People' if you were faster responding when Black People and Good stimuli were assigned to the same key than when giving the same response to the White People and Good stimuli. Conversely, your score was described as 'preference for White People over Black People' if you were faster responding when White People and Good stimuli were assigned to the same key than when giving the same response to the Black People and Good stimuli. Depending on the magnitude of your speed difference for the two combination tasks, your automatic association may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no association.'

The Single Category Implicit Association Test is similar to the IAT, but it measures your attitude toward only one social group. Here is your score in that task:

Your data suggest a strong automatic association of Black people with Good.

Important: The results of all tasks are not a definitive assessment of your implicit race-attitudes. The results may be influenced by a number of variables, such as the order that the measures were presented, or the particular items used to represent the categories. The results are provided for entertainment and educational purposes only.


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