why i make ze planz!

h'okee, i lissen to you plan

zis iz a stoopid plan

cannot believe i lissen to zis stoopid plan..

thats right i said stoopid plan! stoopid

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a great woman named Barbetti who's blog i check in on daily is going through a horrible day with her cousin in the hospital after a serious motorcycle accident. im posting this to let her know im thinking of her and her family right now and saying lots of prayers for them all.

prepare to be blasted

have any of you heard the new big hoopla?

well, the hoopla in my world at least.
what i'm about to talk about isn't something that i've talked about on here before. mainly, because i havent felt like i had anything to add.
but, now i can at least give my support and say a few things.

but i'm getting ahead of myself

this link will get you up to par with what is going on

ACOG VS. Midwives

and here

its all about the money

the american medical association wants to make it ILLEGAL to give birth to your child anywhere but a hospital. TOTALLY ASS BACKWARDS ON THE FREE CHOICE FRONT. and actually went so far as to say that woman who choose to give birth this way are putting their desires over the health of their baby and that it should be considered CHILD ABUSE TO HAVE A HOMEBIRTH
oh and this!
no insurance for women who've had a c-section

i mean seriously? seriously?!
im spittin' mad people. SPITTIN'. MAD.

what else can i say that these brilliant women haven't already?

what i will say is i have NO problem with a woman choosing to give birth in a hospital. its your choice, if it is your choice. im not one of those people look down on women who give birth in the hospital. not at all. that isn't even what this is about. great i say, its what you want to do. what i am saying, is that, who the fuck are these people telling women who choose not to give birth in a hospital that they are not allowed?! and even go so far as to try and make it CRIMINAL

medicine is taking some giant steps backwards.

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blame the pms

i just effin cried watching BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

i most definitly have the crazies.



' look! cristy! did you see the blue one?!'
'uh, i saw the one on top of the other one..'
'well maybe it was cold cristy'
'ya. riiiiight'

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do you know what irritates me?

bullshitty people

can a tree not. just. be. a goddamn tree?

'oh, its so beatiful!
its branches stretch out like arms touching, embracing, everyone in the world and breathing life into all creation without prejudice of creed or race or sexual identity!'

oh my god person.
its just a fucking tree.

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failed before i even started

i dont have my usb cable.

therefore. no 7 day photo challenge.