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FIrst go at putting in my first dread. It turned out really well I think. I'm not sure if I should do some more or just leave it at that, or just add one more somewhere else? Ahhh, decisions to be made!


OT Update and the end of all this medical updating-ness

Last one, for a while. At least till the end of September.

The day we left to go back to Toronto, we first saw the Occupational Therapist (so cute and nice, and 8 months pregnant!)
She, like the PT, also found my bendiness very interesting. (she specializes in hands.wrists.fingers). She was also concerned about future dislocations and was glad I hadn't had any yet. She said, 'well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but you are most definitely the definition of 'hypermobile' and we're gonna have to size all ten of your fingers for ring splints, and you'll need to wear wrist braces when you sleep, so you don't get carpal tunnel syndrome' Inside I went, ''Huzzah!'' I am not crazy and I DO exist! Or something stupid like that.
And then she decided to order my silver ring splints from both our favourite place in West Virginia. Now if I could just find the patience, or get someone else to tune my cello, I'll be able to play again.
So whats happening now, is that we're fiddling with ODSP to hope that something is covered or else they will cost over 500 dollars. Most people only need a couple not TEN. So they run pricey, because they are hand sized and hand made. And are silver, so pretty indestructible.
I'm excited and happy to be honest, soon I won't be feeling as if my fingers are always going to snap off.
Too bad I didn't show her how I can bend my toes backwords to touch my feet. I think she would have said, 'cooooool'. Instead of everyone else being all, ' STOP, EW, stop that!'

Week One

Week One
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First week of Diet has gone well (it is what it is, and it is a diet) I don't own a scale, so I don't know the exact amount of weight I lost this week, but I can tell that I did lose some. I think I'll turn this into a weekly thing. I've tried to lose weight so many times the past 6 years that I'm still trying to believe that this time it will work. Because this time things are in fact different.