Jeez, I know I was tired, but did I have to use so many exclamation marks? Excuse me while I go punch myself in the face.



25 minutes left!
Today was a busy day, the niecey kept me on my toes...(they are nubs now)

So we played with the DSi a little! Taylors came in today so we did some Zelda battles!
It actually takes decent pics. The lighting was terrible but they weren't bad!

My dad was a good sport
(he has the sickness) and let me make him look silly


This post was short, but sweet and totally counts!




So it's 10 o'clock and I'm just posting now. This Nablo thing was an impulsive decision I think.

I've been busy all day, watching a kid. Who knew that stuff was so time consuming eh?

Anyways, I'm scrapping that Proust Questionnaire.
I'm just not in the mood for public self reflection.

Not really sure what I'm in the mood for.
I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself out loud on the subway and everyone nearby is pretending to not be eavesdropping.

I have just had massive inspiration (from this friend)

or rather how do you like yours?
Real cheese, or processed?
In one of those grill cheese makers, or on the toasting on the stove with lots of butter?
Tomato soup, or is that the most disgusting food combo everrrrr???

Questions that need answers people!

My preference? On the stove, tomato soup? Worst combo EVER. Unless, I dunno. I'm having opposite day.



Today has been quite the day. My sis is gone overnight so it was just me and the niecey.
She was verrrry good. I took some video of her reading her two little books about hungry kittens. It was so precious I think I busted an ovary.

She also gave me a hat make-over!

Apologies for looking so pissed off. The joy is just very deep inside.



The cold is here. Its blustery and gray and found a home in my bones. Hopefully not to stay since it's making things slightly miserable. Gray weather makes me sleepy and crave warm things. Possibly to make up for the fact that my bones feel like brittle icicles.

But enough of the cold! On with Proust and todays edition of the questionnaire.

Lets talk about deplorable things
(does someone remember those books?)

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
My inability (but I am working hard on this) to just live in the moment. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. "If things are good now, they won't be for long" kind of terrible mentality.

I just want to be happy and living in the moment dammit! >.< What is the trait you most deplore in others?
I can forgive a lot. Especially if people acknowledge bad habits and work on them. But I think we're talking most about pet peeve things right? Because we all don't like the usual stuff. i.e. murderers/evil doers. You know, I think this is a stupid question. I don't like the usual deplorable things. Also, Proust? You are on notice, so far this questions are kinda sucking ballz. Also, this posting everyday is harrrrrd. Boo.

I just had won ton soup, that must of had tons of salt/msg.
I feel like I may die.

** p.p.s. (three hours later)
so yeah, I almost did die, I had to drink baking soda and water (ghetto saline solution) to re alkaline (or something like that) my blood. Thank God my father in law is House and I didn't have to go to the hospital. Because I probably would have gotten H1N1 and died from that instead. (a joke. hahahaha)
Turns out when you're hypoglycemic, AND have high blood pressure, and have only had really salty Won Ton Soup. It's not such a good combo.

this is my excuse for a half ass post. I nearly died whilst typing it up.



Today has been hard.
Today is the two year anniversary of when my Grandfather died. I woke up knowing and feeling that, but trying not to dwell. Out of weird coincidence my sister and I ended up having lunch at The Backroad Cafe. I hadn't been there since I used to go with my Grandpa.

Grief is surprising.
I can only acquaint it with Water. How it moves, it can be gentle, or powerful.
It can destroy and cause ruin like no other force.

I'm not going to do a Proust question today.
Today I'm just going to sit and be still.



Yeah, the girl who never speaks is gonna attempt this bitch.


And to help me with that, lets all have a posthumous clap for Proust!
His eyes are much bugg-i-er than I imagined.

Or rather, THE FRENCH GEE!


So whatever, I'm not funny.

We can't all be good at everything, because then we'd have to punch each other in the face. which would make the poor Canadian police, really busy. And they'd get really disgruntled and write everyone a ticket, and then THAT would make the people punching each other in the face, more aggravated, so much so, that they'd go to Ottawa and protest! Peacefully and quietly of course

And, OH GOD, that would make Parliament have to close, and then the Bureaucracy would crash to a grinding HALT.

HA! I just made a bona fide JOKE.

expect lots of sarcasm and maybe when this is all done, Avitable could do one of his dead person of interest interviews.
But it'd have to be in French.
And..well, interest is all relative anyways. Or is that the wrong word?

I'm gonna start this now.

What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Two words.
Haagan Daas. That doesn't make you fat.
But seriously?
Ya this depressed lady is working on that one.

What is your greatest fear?

I don't really think about my death so much as, always being reminded that people die. People I love are going to die. I'm trying to work on not torturing myself with the knowledge of that, and feeling like everyone is already dead, and I'm just reliving bittersweet memories.
Because that? Is kinda really effed up.

But, my real greatest fear would be waking up glued to a bed full of centipedes and cockroaches soaked in gasoline with only a zippo to help me escape. Besides the saw, but I'm not sure how that'd help. Maybe if i thwacked all the insects with the saw? But I'm glued to the bed, so that wouldn't really work.

My greatest fear!
Cuz I'd be totally SCREWED!

So people who read this?? You should give your answers in the comments!