Big Balls

OK. last night? was insane to the top degree! LIKE. OH MY GOSH GUYS.

ONE? I am soooo glad i made my dad come, it. was. hilariuos.
First, he wore eyeliner. Second, his Christian Fish dangly silver earrings. THIRD? He sang Big Balls by ACDC.
KARAOKE! He'd never sung Karaoke before. lol

The dudes there were pissing themselves and singing along. It was like, I dunno man.

OK, SECOND, but the best. My friend won first place! So she goes to the semi finals and won a voucher for a wedding dress of her choice! They were awesome!! her sister and our friend were her back up singers, and they sang Dancing In The Streets and Beat It. And our friend that sang with her, during Beat It, jumped on a chair while singing and dancing.
Holy Lord it was beyond hilarious. ahhhh. It was an awesome night. :D



OH MY GOD every picture i had taken with my camera since halloween has been corrupted and i cannot fix it, since they're not still on my camera. this REALLY SUCKS HARD. especially since most of them were of my niece at halloween and the holidays and her birthday and holy shit this is so bad!

how does this happen? they imported fine a couple weeks ago and then i go to edit them and it says the file is missing so its not actually the picture. except i cant FIX IT because i don't have them on my camera anymore!

AHHHHHHH *explodes*
*is now dead*
*this is cristy's ghost*
*life sucks, and then you die*
**and then your ghost comes back to keep blogging for you**