not like, the broadway show dudes.

as in, MY i mean, OUR cats.

see, i wanted a girl cat cuz well, i'd had a boy cat. and he became the one we do not speak of. except the one incident where he threw a dead cat at my mothers head. which was more than a little hilarious. i was very sad how evil he became.

but taylor was all. why you gotta be sexist woman?! so i was like FINE WHATEVER.
therefore, we compromised and got one of each.

You have all seen a quick vid of Clementine. and now, some proper picks of Clementine with her Brother Phiren. *which is Khmer for Rain, he is such a little buddha*

she was all, 'i asleep hooman. i asleep.'
i think its really funny how female animals sit like girls.
ok, phiren? he does not like my camera clicking at him.
you cant see, but there's an obnoxiously loud icecream truck driving by. what is it with icecream trucks being so loud? children arent hard of hearing yet.
he finally let me take a picture. from far, far away.

phiren is an awesome cat. he is so relaxed for a kitten. i mean, he'll chase and play and stuff. but, if you pick him up he'll just sit there for forever lookin at ya. and his eyes are very different than most cat eyes.

anyways. enough of me all gushing and stuff.
im off to stuff my face with banana bread.

Run! Lola! Run!

have you seen that? its by Tyson Tykwer who made the awesome film Der Krieger und die Kaiserin which is The Princess and The Warrior. it's the mr's. ultimate film.

anyways. back to run lola run..

that is my new hair colour. it was supposed to be turquoise but when i bleached my hair because of all the different reds i've had in it, except for the roots being white blonde, it was all orange. which, im totally kicking my ass for not keeping it just like that for a few days since it looked so wicked. or at least taken a picture of it. i am so dumb

p.s. they're shitty pictures sorry :(



i cant find the tv remote. make the step by step and family ties stop!

i. am. going. to. die.


The Mr. and I are not 'active' or 'sporty' people. we also are not 'lets go outside and bask in the glow of nature' people.
though, i do like granola. i just do not have the patience to chew it for the rest of holy mother of God eternity forever and amen. (thats pronouned AH-men. like say ahhh for the doctor. i dont say AAAAAAAAAAAA. like ms. dolittle from my fair lady.)
We are also not summer people. we do not own summer people clothes. we would be much happier living in say, Nunavut than wonderful Southern Ontario.
(my hair would also like to say "Fuck You, humidity.")
We are pale people. we will go for a long walk cruising around the city. we will sit outside. we are the sort of people who breathe air.

but all that aside, i love water. so does taylor. we don't like swimming in it or anything. i will be on it. i will drink it. i wont swim in it. i also like horses. i think they're majestic, stunning, and beautiful creatures.
but like hell you would get me to ride one.

so now coming to the point of this here post.

Posted for your viewing pleasure are some of the photo's i took on one of our walks down to the lake. They're not perfectly lined up shots, or even edited shots. since mother effer Mac decided to freeze and i thought i had lost them. but i found them! but cannot export them into anything to edit for some unknown reason.
Without Further Ado,
the photos.

The CN Tower. no i have not been in it. no i do not know if its like peeing only better.
CN Tower

Tracks. im not sure if this is the GO Train or just a regular freighter tracks
GO Train Tracks

This is the QEW. which stands for Queen Elizabeth Way. Its the major expressway going through the city

This is the bridge for pedestrians to use to cross over the QEW to get to the lake. so we dont get splattered or anything. omg i really need to write a post about how stupid ass obnoxious pedestrians in this city are. like. dooooods.
Peoples Bridge

The sun that day was really bright and the clouds were mega fluffy. like cotton candy, but tasteless gas.
The Clouds that day were insane

Friendly Duck!

The path on the left is for the active people. As you can see, we were on the other one..
two paths.

That would be a canadian goose
Canadian Goose

I think these are Dragon Boat racers training. the chick standing was totally kicking their asses.
Dragon Boat racers having a practice

and thats it. i took like a ton of clouds pics that day cuz apparently they were SO! AWESOME! but i thought i'd spare you all.
this is all linked to my flickr as well.