I've been gone for forever it seems and this whole writing on the internet has never felt so awkward. I have to admit the past three months have been hell and a complete regression, and I am now back to square one. Because I couldn't afford to do a test that checked my hormone levels, I had to go off the Progesterone. This has been since February. It has been worse than bad. Long story short. I am back on the Progesterone again. Started last night. I've started physio to strengthen my muscles again, and now that I'm feeling stronger I've just started doing some workouts at home. (Slim in 6 yo) Which I really like. It kicks my ass, and reminds me I am indeed in the worst shape I've ever been in. But I'm done being sad about it, and just doing it. I don't want another year of being sick and bed ridden. I'm terrified I would never make it back from that. So I can honestly say, I am being extremely proactive and actually working hard at this. I'm trying to let go of the guilt of what I've put Taylor through.
He's just glad I'm working on getting better, and wants to move forward, and I am following him.

Love and Light
I appreciate you all ^.^
x o