So here I am

I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be. But then again, what defines someone as a writer. Good grammar, proper placement and sentence structure?
A degree perhaps.

I am not sure.

Some things I do know

I have always written since I was a child
I have stopped for some time now, and make no promises to continue.

This is my kick to try and restart things.

I’m starting a new life now..
to hear, or rather, to see those words. It is a scary thought.

Most people do not embrace change.
For most of my life. Change has not embraced me..
It has been violently pushed upon me.
But now. I am making change.

I am in a new city, am young and about to be married.

Another scary thing
Most people go their whole lives looking for it. Many to avoid it

And so, here I am, starting this blog and hoping no one sees it.
But if I really thought that I wouldn’t put it online..

So here is to me, to the no one reading this, and to the thought of being judged by someone I do not even know.

Maybe this is therapy


Anonymous said...

Why, hello back my friend!!! What the heck...you're getting MARRIED??? Since when? To whom??? Ahhh... And it's nice to see you on blog land, I look forward to reading your thoughts.

cristymuranda said...

yes. married.

his name is Taylor..Cutforth
he goes to OCAD
you should have seen pictures of him on my facebook and myspace

we've been engaged for almost six months and are getting 'wedded' as soon as we have the money that doesnt need to go to bills n such..
hopefully within the next month or two..definitly before the new year!

and yes, i am now on blog land. and its scary!