a Hee and perhaps a little squeel of girly delight

taylor, just made me breakfast!

cuz i was starving,
(SO hungry)
but didnt feel like getting up from the coziness of my bed and gigantic duvee to brave the cold that is in my heart. or the floor of the apartment (whatever)

so he was like. i can handle that.
and he just very well did
(yummy yummy food)
and just now brought me juice. albeit, a bit too watered down but hey! breakfast in bed and snow outside.
(he just came back with more juice to remedy the problem, the perfect person he is)

and so once again, to understand the mood of the morning. here is his "PROUD MAN" ** pose or perhaps "I GET A GOLD STAR!" pose. either or.

*to be LOUDLY SPOKEN with superhero announcer man voice for effect

i love my cocoon :)

oh! i have to tell about yesterday!

yesterday he bought me a beatiful edition of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tails with a gorgeous painted cover with some of the most amazing palette of colours i've seen. from this awesome tiny book shop down the street from us and it was the last copy they had. we spent forever looking in their children books section. it was so AWESOME! the stuff they had for them and all these amazing pop up adventure books! these big huge things with secret flaps and all these amazing things that i cant even begin to describe. and then the beatrix potter books..i love kids books

before that we had went to this little chinese restraunt and hung out there for almost two hours eatin and chillin out and drinking jasmin tea.
(they have, byFAR the BEST chinese food we've ever had)
and that was a great day yesterday!

the end.

here is a picture of our cat** that i leave with you cuz he's cute, and doesnt chew my arm (hee) or anywhere else (double hee)

**okay so he's not our cat, be he loves us way more than anyone else here so BLAH

Bonus Picture!

me with my crazy hair early this morning.
(webcam pictures make me pose awkwardly)

i mean, how can one not LOVE a crazy hair person picture??


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!! Have a GREAT one...