Love Thursday : 1st Edition

so today is love thursday with the Shutter Sisters. while thinking of what exactly i should post, this silly little song that me and tay always sing together has been running through my brain.. *hums* "you and me girl, together forever. la da dada dah!"
which actually, brought me right to my idea of what picture[s] to post for today. the day that is Love Thursday.

a wonderful package came in the mail last week.
it arrived in a little tiny box, wrapped in beautiful gold and purple tissue. it was wrapped so delicately i felt a bit scared to open it while trying not to ruin the wrappings. but, i did successfully unwrap it, and now i share with you our special little package.

we haven't taken them off since we put them on

happy love thursday all, and coincidentally! happy valentines!

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bleeding espresso said...

Oh I love those necklaces! Brings back some great memories :)

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Love Thursday!

secret agent mama said...

Oh, how beautiful is that! And, such meaning. :D I took part in "love thursday", too.

Maggie Ann. said...

so wonderful!

cristymuranda said...

thanks all!

happy love thursday!

alli said...

Sweet memories! I have one of those necklaces too. Great pictures as well. Happy Valentine's Day!

cristymuranda said...

thanks and thanks!