still here and whatever

hey guys. i haven't posted in, like, forever. *miss use of comma's*
um whats new?

my right leg is now shorter than my left leg. my right hip is in almost constant pain and i almost hijacked an electric scooter at the mall. i went to the chiropractor today and he did his silent freak out realizing that my right leg is shorter than my left leg because my alignment is now really bad. I'm feeling freaked out about this. i just turned 21 and i was wishing for a cane tonight.

i also found out i have a hyperactive lymbic system. google that if you want. its a brain thing. so I'm taking supplements for that as well. its very tiring all this junk with my body. i feel trapped.

i have some pictures to edit and stuff. but nothing special. we went to Nuit Blanche again this year. it was a lot better this time around, but i really buggered up my hip that night hence the chiropractor visit since were here visiting my folks in Windsor. i have to go twice tomorrow and Thursday, but I'm really not sure how much that will help since we'll be going back to Toronto and i wont be getting adjustments till we visit Windsor again.

I'm reading you all. I'm still hanging in there, but i feel stuck in my own head with not much to say.


chickbug said...

happy to see you back!

rudecactus said...

Hope you feel better!

cristymuranda said...

thanks guys. im happy to report im feeling slightly less stuck. babysteps as they say. (omg a what about bob reference)