the picture post of the shitacular weekend of jay and jordan and the A.G.O.

And so begins the journey that is known as..
"the picture post of the shitacular weekend of jay and jordan and the A.G.O."

They got here around 6 or 7 ish Friday
they got lost AND stuck behind our apartment building in the alley.
it was funny.
i felt that i needed an orange vest and glow sticks to better handle the situation though.
once they actually got parked and safely inside they said their hello's and bonn nuits to the cats and I proceeded to slave over fried pirogi and onion while i sent them back out in the wonderful shitacular evening to buy some sour cream and drinks. and vegi, since jay and i didn't want pirogi i made an amazing and award worthy stir fry of mushroom, onion, garlic, and red peppers.
the rest of the evening was spent listening to Regina Spektor and watching Flight of the Conchords and AbFab (oh my fricken gawd those shows are the shiz)

we woke up too a crappy but still cheerful grey morning and rushed around getting ready while taylor made pancakes with balkan yogurt, which sounds delicious but, i wouldn't know since it was gone by the time i got around to eating. (sad face)
so we rushed out the door round 11 and caught the queen west. street car to get to the A.G.O. (lets go!)

uh, hi. oh right. cheese..

this would be us in a mile long line to get to the art gallery it started back at O.C.A.D. taylor's old university

man, it sure is a good thing they don't know i have a blog because, they would totally murder me for posting this one

this would be outside the textile dpt. of O.C.A.D. and can i just say mmmm yarn. spools of yarn...

YES! art gallery! YESSSSS
we quickly learned that it was still down further and around the block.
our YESSS' quickly turned into SHITTTTTT and lots of feet stamping

TEETH? TOOTH? either way it's bona fide ART!

woohoo, shelter from the wind and ice rain under the sweet, sweet shelter of the outside of the gallery

cool, colourful houses

this would be my fancy shmancy shot while standing in line. apparently the gallery now has a fancy restaurant

see that at place? its blurry (crazy ice rain's fault. totally) but it is another gallery. with no psycho line going on for a trazillion years. i was all for blowing this dustbin and going to the nice, (friendly even) little cozy gallery across the street but, i got booted down. by icy wet boots of bitterness.


and now for the anti climactic ending shot of our 'shitacular weekend of jay and jordan and the AGO'

"ma'm you're going to have to put your camera away now."