Story About My Dad


maggie ann said...

oh how i loved watching your video blog! your story was very funny and I cannot wait to hear more stories. I saw you kitties playing in the background too! How fun.
You have the biggest most beautiful eyes, as well. I just have to say :)

Sorry for my scarcity this past week. It was craziness with finals, but now I'm done and ready to enjoy my holiday break. Waaahooo!

cristymuranda said...

haha thanks. i didn't even realize until after that my cats were being a bunch of crazies. i think they were fighting each other for the chair.

and thanks. i felt like my eyes looked like crazyness. yourself and taylor set me straight on that thinking.

and ooohhhhhohoho do i have stories!
i'm glad you finished your finals and got a 100%
that's awesome ^.^

my niece and sister are coming for a few weeks for the holidays from Hawaii so i'm really excited for the holidays as well :D