Today so far has been very disturbing.

A dog got hit on our street.
It was so loud we thought something even worse had happened.(seriously, sounded like something exploded, and then a lot of screaming. Male screaming, which is even worse)
So Taylor and I run out to our balcony (which did most of the rest of the neighbourhood) and the owner was screaming so loud and long it was like his war buddy just got blown up in front of him. That was how intense the guy was.
So the dog is howling, and the guy is screaming his head off. To watch this was so disturbing.
It was terrible. Even the people on the balconies were freaking out, and the people in the van that hit the dog refused to get out of the van.

It was really fucked up.

Eventually, the police came, and an animal services van came to tend to the dog and take it to the vet hospital.
Because we are in Toronto, most people don't have cars, so the guy was sitting in the street with his dog because he didn't have a car.
People brought him blankets and stuff for the dog to wait for Animal Services to get there.

The dog is going to be OK, i think. Broke his leg and was bleeding. But, it was a big big dog, got hit mostly on the back part of him.

Ugh, anyways. Ruined the day. Completely.

On a lighter note, just finished filing our income tax stuff online.
On a less lighter note, Clementine just crapped on the dining room floor.


chickbug said...

wow. that is intense.

when i was little, our family dog got hit by a car. i remember my dad making my mom and I stay inside the house because he didn't want us to see the dog laying on the ground. he died.

and on that happy note...happy valentine's day!

Sarcatica said...

I hope that dog is okay, and honestly? I can't blame the owner.

My golden retriever Morgan was hit by a car. The neighbour called us, and told my YOUNGER sister that he had been hit. So we all ran to the end of the super long drive way to see if he was okay. He wasn't. He was dead. It was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, and I know it scared my little sister too.

Anonymous said...

That is a truly horrible story. I hope everything worked out OK for the doggie and that those people that hit him got theirs.

Anonymous said...


cristymuranda said...

I hope everything worked out OK too. That's the lousy thing about this, I doubt I'll ever find out.