I need to try to go for long walks at least three times a week. I need to test and see if more exercise with my legs can strengthen them enough so that the pain can get better on its own.

I really need this to be true.

I was able to keep up with my two (nearly 6 ft) friends today for 3 hours of walking an standing, with only about a 20 min break at the bakery. Albeit, I was very sore when we got back home but, it wasn't the worst. It wasn't even as bad as Saturday.

Now, if only these Charlie Horse cramps in the front of my thigh muscles would stop. I would really love to go to sleep.

Tonight I made broccoli, with Spanish onion and mushroom stir fry and rice. I also fried some Nan pita bread in veg oil a bit. It was a big hit.
I've been enjoying in a way, the challenge of being a hostess. Cooking and getting out the house when I would normally just slag it all off.