I was going to write a post about feeling very tired and sorry for myself. But, it may have been the wine that just kicked in ( I think that may be it ) I am feeling a little better. Everyone has been writing things that I so much want to comment on but I just can't seem to find the words. I'll try again, so if anyone gets comments from me that seem stupid/weird, I'm sorry.


Here's some pictures I took from the past week.

First are our little cats. Whom I love very much, but Clementine pee'd on our blankets on the bed yesterday, so she's banned from the room again. It makes me really sad she does this, because other than this, she is a perfect little princess ^.^ And Phiren is so funny and mischevious. We have to get him some new toys soon because when he gets bored he starts to look for trouble.

Little Balloo
They really love playing in LCBO paper bags, so Taylor got them two more from the liquor store yesterday when he bought me some wine (its a Portuegese rose wine called Mateus. I love it!

They love it when we open the balcony door. They'll play and sit by there for hours when its opened.

Earlier in the week I got up the courage to go for a walk to the lake. It was really sunny out that but we still had a good time, and I wasn't too sore when we got home.

There was a lot of ducks and other birds out that day, and the one lone swan. You have to be careful of them, or they'll chase you! This one is especially not very nice.

The Boy

I found this little hole in the cement that looked like a little cave close up!

This last one I took while laying in bed. It a Japanese rice paper ball that we hooked to cover our light. It has a Pashmina hanging over it to dim the light.