Foods that I have been love, love loving!
  • Avocados - they are amazing! Mash them up with some salsa and tortillas. Delicious! Or you can slice them thin and add them to salads! I love doing both.
  • Renee's Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing - It is by far my most fave dressing. Another way to use it, is to get Portabello mushroom caps, and sautee them in a frying pan with the dressing (and a little extra oil) and crushed garlic till they are softened up (melt some cheese slices if you like, or tofu fake cheese stuff, the mozzarella is tasty) and its like a vegartarian steak! Not a fan of steak, so I think it is much better.
  • Alfalfa sprouts - they are awesome on my salads, sandwiches, whatever!
  • SALADS - I've been having at least one big salad a day.
  • Sliced mushrooms - I cannot eat a salad if it doesn't have tons of mushrooms on it.
  • Lime Juice - I have been puttiing this in everything I drink. It is so devine!
  • Royal Gala Apples - Been eating one of these a day for over a month now. They are super yummy.
  • PC's Lime Sherbert - So I'm really in love with limes. This stuff is heaven in a spoon.
  • PC's Whole Grain English Muffins - One of these for breakfast, toasted, apply liberal amount of honey. Scramble some eggs with feta cheese mixed in, put that on top of muffin. Add a side of apple chunks, delicious! Don't like scrambled? Soft boil an egg and mush it on top instead. Also delicious! If you're vegetarian (or like me, and get sick of the same thing pretty quick) skip the egg and cheese and after you add the honey, add cinnamon and sliced apple on top. Also really yummy!
  • Greens Multi + - My energy level has sky rocketed. I have been up to the task of some cleaning, and helping Tay with grocery shopping. I've also noticed, that I can stay up till a little past 10 pm (which means I am usually asleep by 12ish) and still wake up before 9. Awesome! It's been a week and a half and I am still waking up in the morning hours. I have also noticed that I have more colour in my skin.


cooper said...

I love your diet. I love avocados and when I can get them for the right price eat them every day, mushrooms and olives are another staple of mine.

I'm bad on cheese I eat way too much of it, goat cheese being my favorite.

Greens multi plus? I'll have to investigate that for when my energy sinks.

cristymuranda said...

OLIVES! I love olives mightily. Greens multi plus is really good, its pricey though. Where I live avocado's are 99 cents for one. Which for some might be expensive, or cheap depending on how you look at it. I love them so much though, and have been adding them to everything I eat lately. I really like goat cheese and feta, but generally try not to eat cheese too often. Because then I get addicted, and it all starts to get expensive. Because even though I'm broke, I don't like to eat shitty foods.

rudecactus said...

Now I'm hungry.