Good Food Day

Breakfast :
fried eggs, with spanish onion and potato wedges

Lunch :
Strawberry and Avocado Salad
I sliced 8 strawberry's and 1 avocado and spread over a few cups of baby spinach,
I made my own dressing, I used:
2T oil
1T apple cider vinegar
4t honey
1t lemon juice

was most definitely the best salad we had ever had. and taylor does not like salads. so that says a lot. amazing for summer time!

Dinner :
Browned Salmon, with a rub made of garlic powder, dill, and a teeny amount of salt
Quinoa, with satee'd (in balsamic vinegar) sliced mushrooms

so yeah, i would definitely say today was a good food day.

just wanted to add, why you should eat avocados every day!

About 75% of an avocado's calories come from fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat. Avocados also have 60% more potassium than bananas. They are rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K. They have the highest fiber content of any fruit - including 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber.
High avocado intake has been shown to have an effect on blood serum cholesterol levels. Specifically, after a seven day diet rich in avocados, hypercholesterolemia patients showed a 17% decrease in total serum cholesterol levels. These subjects also showed a 22% decrease in both LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels and 11% increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

awesome eh?!


Liah said...

That sounds both delicious and like a lot of work. Why is does eating seem like such a chore?

But good work!

cooper said...

That sound great to me. I eat avocados like candy but they are only really good here ar certain times and are not grown locally so are very expensive.