pt update

Today went really well, the PT was really super nice, i think she found it kinda fascinating how much my fingers and wrists bend, she was concerned about dislocations and was really glad i hadn't had any, she worked with me for an hour testing all my fingers and both wrists to see how much they bent, how much strength i had and so on. she officially said that i definitely have hyper mobility, and was taking it seriously enough to refer me to an OT that works in the clinic that specializes in hands to get checked out with all her gadgets and to have the OT size me for the splints.
so yes, it was very good and i'm very blessed. i was really worried it would go completely the other way, because a lot of the time, that is what happens.

so now, we're coming home thursday. but i couldn't pass up seeing the OT thursday especially since she's 8 months pregnant. if i were to wait, she's most likely be on maternity leave.

i am having a hard time with feeling so incredibly guilty about all the money my parents have spent :/


Veronica said...

I'm so glad your PT was lovely.