The Verdict

I got all my results for my various blood tests and the hormone saliva test today.

I'm not dying. (thought i'd get that out of the way first)

but, things are very broken.

from the blood tests results she told me that my inflammation is so high that i'm 'on fire'
also, my thyroid is borderline to being not functioning well'. which she said, some dr.s would say 'its fine' and whatever, but its not really fine, its just borderline. and also , i have a LOT of (really, all of) the symptoms of having a thyroid issue, so i'll now be taking a low dose of thyroid medication every day. i also have a vitamin D deficiency. for that she gave me a vitamin d3 with vitamin k supplement.

from the hormone results:
my estradiol (estrogen) is fine and my testosterone is fine.
where things get ridiculous,
my progesterone, which is the hormone that is released the last two weeks or so of your cycle, and restores the lining of your womb and is calming and helps you sleep, and helps balances your moods. it SHOULD be about 130-250 or so.
MINE??? was 10
120 points way way way too low. also because of that, at the moment i'm infertile. the progesterone being so low explains,my anxiety and extreme sleep issues for the past TEN YEARS. since i went through puberty basically.
also my adrenal glands are not working properly. which effects things like managing stress, and fatigue. also one of those two, is why i get bad headaches all the time.

for the adrenal she gave me another type of supplement to help that, and also to lower my inflammation and help with chronic pain i got their pharmaceutical grade liquid fish oil. the liquid is better because you absorb it right away.

for my progesterone, i have to take the hormone, so she gave me prescription for that, and its not the synthetic progesterone hormone, so its safe and natural. we had to go to this one pharmacy in windsor where they make it up special.

so yeah. things are super messed up, and have been it looks like for a really long time.

so finally! finally, this should fix my sleep and anxiety and fatigue and inability to lose weight, water retention, and dizzyness i also have all the time.

so yeah. it just sucks because the only thing that was covered was the thyroid medication.
so i feel really bad/guilty my folks have to pay for it all.
but hey, at least there is a solution!

sorry this typing is lame. i am major tired.

also! i am getting my hair done tomorrow!


Sara said...

At least there is a solution INDEED. And at least now you know because you've known something was wrong for a long time, just not what it is. =)

Now we can start the road to recovery.

cristymuranda said...

yeah! and i know i'm not crazy! lol. i start all new medication/supplements tomorrow. things should be kicking in within 6 to 8 weeks. hopefully sooner.

Veronica said...

As much as it sucks, I bet it felt awesome for the doctor to say to you 'We've got your results and here is what is wrong, let's fix it.'

cristymuranda said...

yes! exactly how i felt. and my dr. is not doom and gloom at all, because this is what she specializes in. so i'm actually excited to start my new 'regimen' tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not dying!!! Oh man. But I'm happy that you are getting solutions and that your body can begin its healing process. Yay!

P.S.- a couple of friends from WCF and I ran into your parents at The Coffee Exchange downtown on Saturday night! Your dad was all snazzy in a white suit! Awesome!

cristymuranda said...

LOL. his white suit eh? my parents love coffee exchange and usually go there every sunday.

btw my dear lady friend :) we may be moving back to windsor in the next 6 months or so. (emphasis of maybe)