it has been ten million years and its a whole new decade and i have NOTHING TO SHARE. BECAUSE I STILL CANNOT FIND MY CAMERA CHARGER >.< the cats are awesome possom. (and as i typed that, Phiren puked on our floor from eating his food too fast) I am SO happy they are back with us. Our place is AWESOME and gorgeous. I'm so proud of myself for making it into a home. I'm cooking again! Using the crockpot my mum bought us all the time, and LOTS of baking. Its fantastic. Things are good. I'm starting to feel better, and our new years was verrrry interesting. it included a fantastic dinner cooked by moi, chillen with my parents, and then an apartment fire (not ours!) all before midnight.
I'm still reading you all! Love and Light (and hopefully pictures soon)

Phiren hopped onto my lap as I was trying to get a HAPPY NEW YEAR picture, and was all like, "Whatchu doin woman?" So I grabbed him to add to the shot, but then he was all, "This is major lame, I hate you"

But I was all, I LOVE YOU PHIREN even though you puke on my floor. And HE was all, "Ya, I guess I love you too. For now. Purr"

The End. <3


rudecactus said...

Hey right back atcha! Been a while!

cristymuranda said...

hahahaha. I know right.