kablamm* appropriate sound effect*

my skull feels like its breaking open. my comfort is that at least it's not, for realz.

don't ask how im typing this. since my skull is broken open, i might as well let some wordz leak out.

went bulk barn crazy with my mum. it was lots of fun. (this was all pre skull destruction) bought some fancy grain mixes called jade mix and ancient mix. they have lots of awesome rice and lentils and all sorts of cool treasures that i'll cook up into awesome deliciousness-ness. once the skull bashing is over with, totes obvs.

I snagged a ton of cheap epsom salts (best pain killer!) and chili tvp for the veg chili i'm somehow going to make for family dinner thursday. i'm also making biscuits. have i mentioned im a cook from scratcher now? its a lot of fun. now all i need are the screaming kidlets. im barefoot always already. (i have seriously worn my birkenstock flip floppys all winter. to the out loud bewilder-ers amusement)

i'm really hoping this crazy pain stays to just my head.

back to the dark icy depths for me loves

chop suey cheer popsicles!