back from windSOR and Ravelry!!

envited (yes INVITED) me to join!!
cuz they are in beta still and so you have to join a waiting list.

well the waiting is over for this little lady!

im excited to say the least. *laaaah*
forces me to take pictures of my knitting stuff.

so moving on to things of more seriousness

i am back
it was...okay

it didnt go that bad.
seriously though dudes.
EVERY SINGLE HOUR of my four days there was completely scheduled. i felt bad for when i did actually get to see my friends i was so exhausted. that was a bit bummer.

so its good to be back. though all yesterday i was insanely ill. like PAIN in stomach and all the works.
thank GOD for the antiviral drops from my herbalist. because of those babies im better today.

it was so horrible.

On a lighter note.
ghostbuster music video is on.