God help us..

THIS is a little girl

no i dont know why she's holding a letter A...


when I was a little girl i had dolls like this

and this

thats one creepy doll

but now days
little girls
i mean LITTLE, like three and up play with dolls like this

what does one say to that except

"Over my cold, dead body would my daughter have one of those goddamn things."

and we used to think Barbie was evil..


cardiogirl said...

I used to think Barbie was evil just three or four YEARS ago when my oldest daughter was 3. Now I know the devil and his name is Bratz.

All three of my daughters know Bratz are not allowed at our house. Isn't it crazy that people buy them?

cristymuranda said...

I KNOW!!! i do not get it. or understand it. people are insane.