sometimes ones day can be not so crappy. today was one of those days

today was a wonderful day. as in the entire day, from start to finish!

for both myself and taylor!!!

i mean. someone should fricken throw confetti or somethin.

i gotta say the highlight of the day was going to the big grocery store. * we usually always go to the crappy cheap one where stuff is super 'cheap'*

well today taylor and i decided that like 'dude, we are saving a lot of money every month. i think we deserve to go to the big grocery store and buy food that we love even though its not "cheap"

it was so awesome! we were like two little kids in a toy store. i got to get my favorite olives. and HUMMUS ! and i bought the stuff to make borsht for us all tomorrow. *taylor is even going to help me :D* what i gotta get next is a food processor so i can make my own hummus and stuff like that

i even got to get DELI MEAT and CHEESE. woooo havarti. you'd think we'd been in a famine.

we are so lame.

i will not lie. i made the best sandwich taylor has ever eaten in his life tonight.

i am a wonderful person. hands down.

we were also very excited to have an organic foods section. taylor got some awesome teas. one was chocolate and spices tea and he even got to get soy milk to put in it. he was hopping around.

he would make an awesome 4 year old

today was great.
no arguments. no stress.
full of fun and giggles.
we really needed today.

oh and it was sooo beautiful out today, autumn is really making toronto beautiful.

sometimes i forget how great taylor really is.
its too easy to get caught up in day to day annoyences and stupid crap. that isnt important at all.

its great to be with someone who fully appreciates the stupid little things, like having an awesome time buying groceries. and looking at trees and houses on a beautiful night. and not making fun of me tonight when i think i almost squealed *well, as much as i, the serious intellectual one can possibly squeal at anything* at seeing Sense and Sensibilty for SALE at the grocery store. we bought it. :D

im very lucky :)