a very 'deep' conversation

so here i am talking to an old friend i've known since i was...3
we went to school together and everything..*lotsa great school stories like when he pulled his pants down in kindergarten just to piss of him mum, who was the teacher..his dad was the principal*

**have gotten rid of his msn thing to protect said friends privacy*

1:57:45 AM CriRi: oh btw i was in windsor last week
1:59:04 AM : were you
1:59:10 AM CriRi: yes
1:59:16 AM CriRi: i had an eye doctors appointment
1:59:36 AM : o ya
1:59:41 AM CriRi: mhm
1:59:50 AM : so u drove all the fucking way to windsor for an eye doctors appoinatment
2:00:00 AM CriRi: no i took a train
2:00:04 AM CriRi: and my parents paid
2:00:08 AM CriRi: and it was boring as hell
2:00:13 AM CriRi: but less painful

anyways no one else will care. but his laugh is so fricken hilarious that when he typed that i burst out laughing cuz i heard it in my head so clearly. it was awesomely funny to ME

the end.