le sigh

i wish i had a tripod...

and some creativity. i cannot wait until spring and can get out and about and enthrall you with my masterful eye


moving on. here's some pictures that i took off my camera of things directly able to be shot from my bed since thats where i've been spending most of my time up until today where i can now move nearly painfree!

(can i hear a whooooot?)

ugh, i am feeling SOOOO uninspired right now.

and i need to re-pot my daffodils. they are really too shallow right now, and i will be so bummed if they die. they're looking really pretty right now.

hm hm hmmm

OH the oscars are on right now and the woman who wrote Juno just won. and she looks prety interestingly ..interesting. in a good way.

i leave ya with a pic of some flowers and the rest are on my flickr


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