no woman no cry..

if only you could read my mind.

so today..
was really crappy for the first half. but pretty alright for now.

tay is sick with the virus he had last month. thankfully, it is much less painful this time around since we caught it on time and he's already taking several homeopathic medicines to help.

im really so ready for spring to come. we're going to LIVE outside. oh my lord it will be so fantastic.

mr. bob marley is fantastic ya know. speaking of fantastic things..

i really should remember to write on here while listening to music. it helps my brain

hey, dija know that being on the pill can make woman who suffer from depression WORSE??
ya, i think i was aware of that. but now im really aware. things depression whise have been ok. taylor is pretty dern good at the keeping cristy cheerful thing. but sometimes, nothing helps and its just gloooom. *sigh*

like today. i didnt get out of bed till 7PM! ya. but its all good now. lauryn hill and bob marley are my friends this evening.

so tonight i'm gonna leave ya's with a cools-ey-ish song

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Maggie Ann. said...

heya, just wanted to wish you all the loveliest blessings in the world, especially concerning your upcoming nuptials. how delightfully exciting. also, i just wanted to share that i understand about the gloooom. i have been on a journey with depression for over 4 years now, it has been one of the most painful and one of the more educational journeys i've ever been on. there are times when i would get so overwhelmed that i would put bob marley on the cd player and lay on my back on the floor for hours. just trying to soak up some of that peace. and i did, and it was beautiful. its been awhile since bob and i have spend time together, this is such a lovely reminder of what his music has helped me through, and can help me through still.
i hope your day is delicious :)