You ask i Answer

Q: Hi Cristy - welcome to Askablogr! The one thing I couldn't figure out from your recent posts was how you hurt your back, but I'm also curious how you wound up in Toronto and where you moved from.
Posted by Chris DeVore

A: hahaha well, good questions mate.

ok first, the back. which i was hoping to gracefully not mention.

..good job ruining that aspiration.

well see..i was taking these pictures.

using the self timer, on the floor..

anyways, i was having such a hard time getting the right shot so i probably bent over about a million times and eventually pulled the muscle. never done that before. me boff keeps reminding me how stupid that was. which it was. but learned my lesson. in the future make someone else take the flippen pictures.

and toronto is an easy one. i've lived all over but mainly in windsor. its about 4 hours south of here and really gross and polluted up the wazoo and! right across from detroit. plus a stupid casino/clubbing town..

quite a few reasons to hate it really. it was horrible for my health. so being the crazy nomad i am, i pushed off to come here to cohabitate with my boff and its been working out pretty a-ok. especially since i pretty much hate the city life. lol. its got its points.

alrighty dude. i hope that answered your questions thoroughly enough


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