the post where i bitch about milk AND those stupid security typey letters you now have to TYPE EVERY TIME YOU POST! OR EDIT! OR MESS UP THE LETTERS!


actually, the letters piss me off more than the milk thing.

so ya anyways. completely random post (is there any other for me?)

so two minutes ago, i was sitting there crunchin on some Vector Cereal (plug for kellogs) and im just like. ugh, milk. ugh. if i wasnt so deathly hungry..

i have completely lost my taste for it. skim milk. ok. which i know. is like water. but well, ya! which, is what we usually have around for cereal an stuff. but now, since mr. taylor is all like WOOOOO I CAN HAVE DAIRY NOW!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! we buy a huge carton of it, and i have a bowl of cereal and then. its all gone. hmmmmmmm. the dude must be freakin bathing in it.

lol. funny image.

so, i USED to love milk when i was a kid. but now. i mean i dunno. my brain is finally kickin in to what my body has been sayin for a while. NO TO MILK.

i mean, didja know it makes you stink? it does. yup.

and can cause insomnia (what?! really?! hmm, that could be a reason for my inexplanable insomnia problems ..)

not to mention HUGE mucus problems and other stuff

now YOGURT on the other hand is AWESOME! YAY YOGURT!

especially with all the probiotics and stuff. which can help build up your immunity to certian things. which for taylor means. he doesnt get crazy reactions to everything. and why he can guzzle the skim milk.

moving on though.

my beefs with blogger.
1. i cant post hyperlinks. ya know where you post somthing and then you can click on like the WORD or whatever and it takes you to somewhere else on the vast and wide internet? well i cant. it shows up invicible and so i just gotta copy n paste the damn thing. which makes me major GRR

and the other. THOSE FRIGGEN LETTER THINGS! like what. the. eff?!

and of course i always get them wrong. so the longest thing about my post is me swearing at the stupid security letter B.S. (those are MY letters)

so ya. grr to blogger. i mean for realz GRR

and i for sure gotta stop reading perez cuz like the z's gotta not become habit.

andohmygod im so tired

i gots ta GO

ok. end of cristy's rant


**edit** um...so....ya, i read the thing..next to the letters thing. and ..i fixered it so i dont have to deal with that now.




peaceangel said...

Hey sis. I agree, Blogger sucks! Wordpress is also a free blogging host if you're looking to upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I hate those security things too. I never get them right the first time.

cristymuranda said...

i know..i just dont really wanna bother with movin at the moment. but im thinking about it.

and gooseberried! i know . i dont know what it is but i mess up a lot on them too. :(

Kiera said...

Oh my gosh, those word security things are flipping annoying! They have them on myspace now when you want to update your profile and I always, ALWAYS, get it wrong on the first try.

cristymuranda said...

kiera - no way! i nearly forgot about my myspace page.

John said...

Christy, I saw you stopped by my blog so I figured to check you out (so to speak). I'm guessing that you linked from gooseberried. (thanks Michelle.)

Links aren't so bad on blogger. Just copy the link to your clipboard (highlight, Ctrl C), then highlight the word or phrase that you want to link from on your blog, click on the link icon and you'll get a little pop up asking for the link address, hit Ctrl V, enter, and you're done!

as for the security letters, when it's a long list of letters, sometimes I just hit enter without tyoing them in and you'll get another set, hopefully shorter!

cristymuranda said...

hey john! and yes i did find you from gooseberried. and thats why i do with the linking thing. thats why it comes up invisible.

Sara Lynn said...

Yeah, Blogger has always had a cute community, but it hasn't really given me the flexibility I like.


I use Wordpress but on my own domain. I <3 it lots.

But if you do move, don't you dare do it without telling us first!!

Jamie said...

Blogger has been making me crazy with those verification things! Today they aren't so bad but yesterday it seemed like they were 15 letters long and too hard to read. I love Wordpress.

Mike said...

Here's the actual code to type in if that's what you want to do to put a link in - <*a href="http://www.website.com/">SUBJECT<*/a> . I put an * before the "a's" because if I didn't it would show up as a link. So if you go this route just substitute 'website.com' for the URL you want your link to go to and call it anything you want in the 'SUBJECT' part.

cristymuranda said...

thanks mike!! like thnaks a MILLION. heh.

i shall write you a super hero song :)