yeah Baby


i've been crocheting. and im not bad.


and i now have a STASH! i mean, dude, i've got yarn that i don't even know what to do with. and i didnt spend more than 20 bucks all together.

so now. i've got all the crochet hooks i need. the yarn i want. and no clue what to make.


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Daph said...

Ha, that sounds just like me until I joined Ravelry, now I have *too many* projects! BTW -- saw the link in your sidebar to the tree sweater, so I had to add that to my queue, of course. :)

cristymuranda said...

lol. ya, im on ravelry too. i've never until today had a real 'stash' and my sister is mailing me a bunch of sock yarn, it should be here tomorrow. im in heaven. i've also got yarn coming for the tree sweater project from knitpicks. woooo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Me jealous. I've always had such a hard time learning this crafty stuff.

cristymuranda said...

its just about taking the time.the internet is awesome for leanring how to do stuff. there's so many videos and groups.
but it is time consuming.

but FUN!