i just got a package from my sister in the MAIL and OMG in it was.....three things. the first being a little wooley sheep tape measurer, the second Blue Moon- Socks that Rock in Metamorphic colour and...

can you guess the third my knitter peeps??




are you jealous?

its this gorgeous colour. Granatapfel. its a red, like Pomegranates.

im so kicking my own ass for leaving my camera in windsor dudes.

so ya.

thats it, just wanted to let ya'll know i have even more awesome awesome yarn. *sigh*

now i gotta find rockin sock patterns for this stuff.


apricot. said...

I could never get into knitting or crocheting. I have tried both, & failed miserably, only because I dn't have patience to fiddle with string & a stick. I commend you! Kudos!

cristymuranda said...

i know what you mean. having the internet available with videos has made it soo much less complicated. im a visual learner. so the first time i tried to do both i gave up too since i didnt really have anyone to show me.

apricot. said...

=] well, I'm left handed... & everyone who teaches -- whether in a book or in person -- is obnoxiously right handed! So it is always harder for me to learn & be taught. oh, the downfalls of being a lefty. ;[ I just gave up & moved onto something else... painting is currently my new hobby. & playing the harmonica. Oh lord. ;/

cristymuranda said...

im left handed too. i do stuff with knitting and crocheting with my right. but you can crochet with your left. you just mirror everything.