i should also..

get some sort of music player thing. to add a song to a post. so that you can hear an interesting song i've found or whatever. cuz, i mean doods. i LISTEN TO AWESOME MUSIC.

mainly cuz, i grew up with a batrillion (IS SO A WORD) musicians. and i just am that awesome.

but, even though i do read. do not ask me about books. you wanna ask Chris Cactus. he has a shitload of cds and books. books that he hasnt even read yet. he's that cool.

im not linking him though cuz i dunno if im allowed. plus, i only talk to him about scooby doo popsicles. not books.

but he is the authority on books. and music.

i've lately kinda been on a prog rock kick. which would make me 'dah' tear.

speaking of which. i totally have him wearing black eyeliner now :P

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chickbug said...

i totally agree with the song clip thing...apparently there are some out there, but I haven't found any that work well.

for now, i cross my fingers someone put the song on youtube. but then you are forced to watch a video while listening to the song.

annoying. =)

rudecactus said...

Allowed? Hell, you're more than welcome to link to me anytime. And thanks for the plug. You're into prog rock? Love the genre.

cristymuranda said...

*rudecactus* heh heh . so you DO read my blog. and ya. my dads a drummer. i grew up thinking that watching hours of drum videos was what all kids did. and watching ginger baker speak taught me why i should never do drugs. lol

seriously. google image the guy.

*chickbug* i agree with you on the youtube thing. i've seen some people with a music thing they input in their post. but im not sure i can do that here on blogger.