the post where i wish i was more like my sister.

see my sister. knows how to tell people to back the fuck off.

i do not. im all like, not wanting to hurt people's feelings and crap. which seriously. who cares about certain people's feeling when they are MAKING YOUR LIKE SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THEN IT NEEDS TO BE!

its a long and complicated and irritating story. but mainly. we are looking for our own place. and everyone is making it so much for difficult then it needs to be by getting in our face with their 'assvice'

so to make it all better i just go and look at the pictures of my good friends new baby! who is adorable and named lilly. :D that is a cute name.

so yay for new babies that make life all better.


Kate said...

I totally get you on this one. I have the worst time telling people to shove off. I've done it a few times these past few weeks, and although I stand up for myself? As soon as it's over, I just cry. I'm a big wimp.

cristymuranda said...

im like that too. i always cry! and i hate crying in front of people.