hey all. still alive.

i've partly not been updating cuz i've been knitting so much trying to finish up this pair of socks. and i crocheted a market bag.

i'll post pics at the end of the post.

i also have not been feeling good at all. nothing serious (just that good ole bitch period)

but i've been very exhausted. i slept for nearly 24 hours and am still in a sort of hazey ness exhaustion. i really need to remember to take my vitamins and supplements.

see, i have a horrible appetite. so i have these supplements (pills) that i take that have all the nutrients plus some to take. they're just very expensive so i've been trying to ration them.

anyways. thats that.

so i'll be back.

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apricot. said...

Ahh! I love your socks. :] Make me a pair.

cristymuranda said...

haaaaa. so. tiring. to. make.

almost done this pair FINALLY