so im not a fan of the word diva but...

i bought The Diva Cup and am impressed. SO impressed.
It's basically a concept sort of like a diaphragm, but not. and is a period product.
First off. I must give props to Sarcastic Mom for even making me aware of this product. i've seen something like this before at our local Shopper's Drug Mart but the next time i'd come back to buy it, it was gone. so i've just stuck with my trusty O.B. tampons.
which are by far my most favorite tampon. they're the least uncomfortable. and i've never had a leakage issue. not to mention they're 52% less waste then other tampons. not to mention, to my knowledge. are the only one designed by a woman doctor.

But now, behold! i've upgraded!
and, since i've bought this and been so excited about it and have already given four peoople TMI about how awesome our insides are and been called dr cristy twice. i was wondering. why have i never heard of this before? and why aren't more women using this amazing WONDER?!

i think more women do not use this product because of a few things.

One being the initial cost. it was 40 dollars.
i averaged out how much i spend a year on period stuff. and its more than a 100 dollars. so i got over that pretty quick. the other thing i can see women being kinda iffy on is just that its really Different than what most of us are used to looking at. and it IS fiddly. at first.
so, after getting over the initial cost and getting comfortable with the product. i give it major thumbs up ladies. because, i don't know about you but i'm finally glad that i have a choice about how much i have to spend on menstrual products. and to be able to pick the very best thing for my body as well. or am i the only one that finds tampons make me uncomfortably dry?

So check it out for yourself readers. and dudes. you can too, be all in the know and stuff. i dont talk about stuff i buy unless its one of those. HOLY MOTHER AND BABY JESUS IT CHANGEG MAH' LIFE. which. ya know. this certainly did. or else someone sends me something for free to try out.. im just sayin'

cheers all.

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