im tired. and sad.

im probably sad because im tired. see, this is why i should sleep when im tired. i go crazy.

plus, i've eaten more meat in the weeks we've been here at my folks than in probably a year. its making my stomach.

i found a day all my old journals this week. seven, in fact. none of them completely filled up.

i've been thinking about doing a new blog on a different site maybe of just video posts. sometimes i think it'd be easier for me that way. but then i think the opposite. i havent decided yet.

oh, and a heads up. once we move i'll be without the net for a month or so. things will be tight for us for a little bit so no internets.

i hope everyone in the blog world is well. sorry if i've been dropping the ball on commenting you all.


chickbug said...

good luck with the move. you will be missed. and i have to say...i spent a solid 20 minutes researching and considering the diva cup, but i just can't get use to the idea.

cristymuranda said...

thanks chickbug. i will miss the internets and my google reader. and i totally get the whole diva cup thing. im glad you looked into it though :D

Liah said...

Hey! You linked me, so I thought I'd check your blog out. Figures it would be my luck you'd be without internet now! But I know how not having internet can be. For the past two months I haven't had wireless in my house which basically means no internet since I'm on a laptop.

Good luck with your move! Hope you're back on the sphere soon! and thanks for the linkage :D

cristymuranda said...

hah you're welcome. and im still in the internet sphere for about a week and a half so its all good. and i have to had the same uncomfortableness with trying to get wireless in weird places requiring acrobaticness far beyond my skill level. glad your back in the blog sphere :)